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When do we get a handbook for this??

Updated: Jan 1

So you started a new family. You had a lovely wedding, where you said lovely things to each other and basked in the honeymoon bliss that came after. You took lots and lots of cute family photos with your children, and new step-children, and boasted to all of your friends and co-workers about how nice it was to be a step-mom.

And then life started and suddenly all that lovely, wedded, new family bliss wore off and you were left asking yourself, "What the hell did I sign up for?" It's okay. You can admit it. As a step-mom, if you tell me otherwise, I would not believe you. None of us walked into this role without a few cracks, bumps, roller-coaster-size rides we never asked for, and ......drama. Some of us may have had EASIER situations than others as step-mothers, but no one is surviving this role without at least a LITTLE stress. And maybe a new drinking problem. To each their own. We don't judge here :)

The point is, it's completely normal to step back from your wedded, new-family bliss and ask yourself if you're cut out for what is now your life. It's normal to question EVERYTHING about being a step mom. What is okay - what is NOT okay? Where do you belong in your step childrens life? Where do you have a say - where do you NOT? The things that come up as a step-mom are endless. And there is no handbook. Because no 2 blended families are the same!

I am so excited to use this platform as a place to share my own personal stories of how I have dealt with many step-mom trials and tribulations, things I still deal with on daily basis, things we have overcome as a family, and things I question about other families. I welcome and ENCOURAGE the feedback from everyone who is sharing this role with me - whether we are in the same situations or not - we are all just women with one goal. To make things work for our family.

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