• Amanda Kibler

When Great Co-parenting Affects New Relationships:

This was my marriage 10 years ago. This is what it looked like then, when things were "normal" for everyone. Our boys had mom and dad and one roof.

Until they didn't.

We became another statistic after 12 years and 2 kids. We failed our children while we were together because as we grew up, we grew apart. We didn't work together anymore and we weren't doing our children ANY favors by staying together.

But we refused to fail them after we decided to go our separate ways, and live apart. We made ONE promise to each other to never let anything get in the way of us taking care of our boys. Parenting them would remain our number one priority no matter where our new lives took us.

Sometimes, yes, that was easier said than done. We argued, we disagreed, we had bad days where it was evident why we did not make it as a couple. But we never let anything that happened between US carry over to our boys or how they were taken care of.

There were relationships that came and went that tested our co-parenting and made us both have to choose between having a new partner, or keeping our promise to be good co-parents and remain friends.

We remained a team - and we still remain a team 5 years later. There are bumps and there are bridges that we don't always cross easily. We are far from perfect but we are smart enough and mature enough to know that raising our children as a team is far more important than making someone else happy..

Our boys know that even though we are not together, we are still a unit and we are both here for them no matter what. No, that is not the ideal situation, or option even, for some split families. Everyone is different. This is just MY story. As you can see, after the pictures of what my marriage USED to look like, there are pictures of where we are at now. And we still have 2 happy kids!!

What happens when you have established a positive and friendly co-parenting relationship with your ex, but your new relationship threatens to come between it or refuses to be okay with it?

Please feel free to hop over to my group page (Not Your Average Step-Momma) if you would like to listen to tonight's LIVE or share your own experiences!

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