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Invest - Don't Quit!

Photo Credit: Heidi Farrell,

Quote Credit: Heidi Farrell

I want to share this with you because WOW did this hit home for me. And honestly, I feel like this can probably help any parent who feels defeated in GENERAL sometimes. When Heidi says "Invest Anyway"......I get it.

I have a 19yr old step son that I could never figure out how to "click" with during the 16, 17, and 18yr old phases. And looking back now, I know that behavior was never intentional. He didn't know how to click with ME either. I remember feeling upset, angry, frustrated and like nothing I did was right or good enough. I would say to myself "why do I even bother - this kid doesn't care?" But I cared. I didn't stop being anything other than loving, accepting, and patient. I took a LOT of deep breaths during those years and I prayed that someday we would turn a corner and just TALK to each other. That's all I wanted. "Just TALK to me kid!"

Now, this stubborn teenager who usually came off as the "I don't care about this blended family crap" kid, is someone I don't go a day or two without talking to. We are close and we now have a bond. At least in my opinion anyways.. I have a special tattoo just for him. He comes to me for help, and he comes to me for food! LoL

I never gave up hope that the ONE step child who acted like he hated me would someday give me a chance. And I never stopped INVESTING!!! And I thank God I made that choice.

Thank you for this reminder and encouragement Heidi đź’ś

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