• Amanda Kibler

I'm Not A Winter Mom

We are only ankle deep into our winter here in New York, and I'm already seeing those happy sledding/skiing/snowman posts from moms who always say "finally got to spend some time out in the snow today!", like it's some amazing gift they have been waiting for.

I am not that mom. You may see pictures, but I will most likely follow them up with some sort of asshole tag line like "they forced me out here today" or "I pretended to enjoy sledding for my kids".

I hate winter.

I hate winter activities.

I hate being cold!

But most of all, I hate the WORK that goes into winter play. And if you're a mom of younger kids, I know you feel me on this one. The half hour it takes to get everything on. (One last glove to go - and now they have to pee.....EVERY.TIME!). The wet clothes and floors you have to deal with when they come back in, and laying everything out to dry. Knowing damn well, in 30 minutes, they will want to go right back out again and the whole thing starts all over.

Don't get me wrong. I love my kids and I love being able to do things with them outside. I just prefer it be during the months of April and October :)

I'm happy to take all the pictures of you in the snow that you want. Because, yes, I love you. But there's no way in hell mommas going down that hill, rolling in snow, or preparing to spend her day freezing her butt off to watch you lick snowballs.

Get back to me in the summer, when my option is to be poolside all day long and the outcome is my tan - not my frostbite.

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